Job Title: Supervisor / Assistant Manager


Job Type: Full time or Part time

Starting Wage: $15/hr plus tips and bonuses

This position involves travel and oversight of all My Flavor It Place locations

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Plan, identify, communicate and delegate appropriate responsibilities and practices to team members to ensure the cleanliness and smooth flow of store operations

  • Maintain inventory levels by using proper tracking and reporting methods

  • Purchasing of main day-to-day supplies (milk, bananas, cream, etc.) when necessary

  • Clean and complete preventative maintenance for certain machinery

  • Ongoing training and supervision of all team members and store operations

  • Display a “customer comes first” attitude by training and holding team members accountable for delivering exemplary customer service

  • Handle any customer complaint, concern or compliment promptly and attentively

  • Cover open shifts as unexpected openings arise

  • Effectively educate new/existing customers on our menu and products with enthusiasm

  • Maintain cleanliness and proper organization of entire shop on an ongoing basis

  • Ensure that proper sanitation and food safety guidelines are abided by at all times

  • Be able to move with a sense of urgency and inspire others to follow your lead

  • Report progress, present new systems, and update General Manager on shop status

  • Control costs by monitoring correct portion sizing of products, reduce/eliminate waste wherever possible and actively managing store staffing levels

  • Constantly review store environment and key business indicators to identify problems, concerns and opportunities for improvement

  • Contribute towards creative process/culture (i.e. flavor combos, marketing, specials, etc.)

  • Assist General Manager with new applicant interviews


Qualifications & Requirements


  • Must be 17+ years old or have a minimum of one full season of in-shop experience

  • Full access to readily available and reliable transportation 

  • Ability to coach, train and mentor a team successfully in a fast-paced environment

  • Maintain a positive, enthusiastic and upbeat attitude

  • Strong operational skills in a customer-service setting

  • Strong team-building and problem-solving skills

  • Proficient in the use of our POS System (refunds, gift cards, discounts, etc.)

  • Must be able to take direction and delegate responsibilities

  • Able to lift minimum of 40 lbs.